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About Foodible

Foodible was created to demedicalise and prevent eating disorders. Eating disorder treatment is very under-sourced in healthcare services around the world.


Marginalised communities are particularly at risk and current treatments do not cater to their socio-cultural sensitivities.  


Tahira Resalat


Foodible began as a masters project (MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art), but its origins are much more personal. It was inspired by my own experience with an eating disorder (ED) and my recovery journey. I have struggled with food from a very young age and well into my adult life. I have always found it challenging to discuss in a safe environment and my upbringing as. British-Bangladeshi woman has definitely complicated things. It was only once I started researching for Foodible did I realise my experiences and feelings were shared by so many immigrants around the UK and worldwide.

The duration between when I had first visited my GP to getting help for my ED, it was approximately 2 years. After being on a long waiting list, the help I had finally received was not sensitive to my personal issues and diet. 

Foodible was inspired by that very experience, with the desire to deliver a personalised recommendation tool which would suit each user and be kind to their own experiences. 

Who is Foodible for?

Body Gal.png


The body section has been designed to help people with fear of new foods, not knowing what to eat and learning how to listen to their body

Learn Gal.png


The learn section provides food education in a non-numerical and non-demonising way through visual and interactive guides.

Community people.png


The community section has been designed for those isolated by their food anxiety and need reminding that there are many others in the same space as them.

Document Gal.png


The document section has been designed for those who want to be able to proactively track their food anxiety journey.

Calm Room Gal.png

Calm Room

The calm room is designed to deal with panic attacks, dissociation, purges, anxiety attacks all related to food anxiety.

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