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  • Tahira's story

    Foodible began as a self-healing project, inspired heavily by my own experience with an eating disorder as a South Asian woman growing up in Bangladesh and the UK. I've struggled with food for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of food being an issue was on a shopping trip my mum took my cousins and I to buy us our first pair of fancy jeans. We were all around 7 or 8 at the time and I remember none of the jeans fitting me because of how much weight I had lost. I resorted to buying a very nice dressing gown while everybody else got jeans. My weight and appearance has been a subject of discussion and discussion amongst inconsiderate extended members of my family for as long as I can remember. I'd unfortunately like to attribute this to toxic body image and beauty standards many people in the South Asian community harbour. As an adult, having spent a lot of time healing from those insecurities, I can now reflect on my experiences and work through them. However, as a child, these comments were incredibly difficult to ignore. Everybody's bodies are different. They process food differently, distribute weight differently, metabolise differently and grow differently. And learning to love my own, regardless of how much I weigh or what I eat has been extremely healthy for me. Despite initially being worried to discuss my food anxiety and later a medically diagnosed eating disorder with close friends and family, I slowly began opening up and asking for help. Support from my friends and family did way more for me than the healthcare services I was waiting to receive. I started going to restaurants I had never been to try cuisines I never tried with a close friend of mine, Hadia. She helped me pick out things from menus which she thought I would be comfortable trying. This went on for months till I felt confident enough to not turn down big dinner invitations with larger group of friends. My experience with food anxiety is by no means over and I still need people around me to remind me to eat most days. However, Foodible was born out of that very same spirit, with the intention of creating a virtual food buddy, who much like my real friends could take care of me throughout the day from my pocket.

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  • Foodible App

    The future of culturally sensitive wellbeing Foodible is designed to provide help across the spectrum of food anxiety behaviours, allowing you to improve your relationship with your body and the food you eat Try the app demo “This app is so inclusive! We don’t have anything like this and we need all the help we can get. We NEED the cultural sensitivity the app brings. And most importantly, it’s a platform that parents and carers can use to share their child’s mental health journey, because they’re desperate to be involved. It would definitely be something we would use.” MEGAN ROWE - JONES, First Steps ED What is foodible? Foodible demedicalises eating disorders and increases awareness, allowing free conversations to take place to support those suffering. The app has 5 sections, each addressing a different facet of food anxiety, providing users autonomy, validation, and a widened sense of community. Personalised recipe recommendations The foodible recipe algorithm recommends recipes based on your mood and fullness levels, making sure to always listen to your body first. Digestible food education, wherever you go Learn about the building blocks of a healthy diet without being overwhelmed by numbers. Access a rich library of guides to help you everyday. Community support on all levels Have full control over whether you want to speak to health professionals, chat to others in your community or receive help anonymously. Tracking your healing journey There’s no pressure to log your journey regularly, but doing so will allow you to look back at your journey and facilitate conversations with health professionals. Emergency support whenever you need In case of a panic attack, dissociation or severe anxiety, the Calm Room can help take care of you and point you to the right emergency support if needed. Foodible is currently in its prototyping phase. If you'd like to follow along the app's progress, we'd love for you to join our email list below. Thank you for your support! Email Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! Data Privacy Autonomy and safety are the core of foodible. This is why your personal information is safe with us and will never be shared with any third parties. We also plan to work closely with NHS Digital to keep your data secure.

  • Plans & Pricing | WeDu

    Explore Our Pricing Plans Use this area to describe one of your memberships. Free $ 0 0$ Use this area to describe one of your memberships. Valid for 3 months Get Started I'm a benefit I'm a benefit Standard $ 30 30$ Every month Use this area to describe one of your memberships. Valid for 6 months Get Started I'm a benefit I'm a benefit I'm a benefit Best Value Premium $ 50 50$ Every month Use this area to describe one of your memberships. Valid for 12 months Get Started I'm a benefit I'm a benefit I'm a benefit I'm a benefit

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